Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACF Massacre

Sri Lanka government commission investigating the massacre of 17 NGO workers (Muttur massacre) has, without sufficient basis, ruled out the involvement of the Sri Lankan armed forces.

It unfairly and dangerously denounced local human rights organizations participating in the commission.

And government authorities improperly pressured the families of the murdered aid workers to demand that France obtain for them greater compensation from Action Contre La Faim (ACF).

The Sri Lankan government's gross mishandling of the investigation into the execution-style slaying of 17 aid workers in the northeastern town of Mutur three years ago demonstrates the need for an international commission of inquiry.

Government actions in the case - for which no one has been convicted - raised further concerns about an already deeply troubling investigation, Human Rights Watch said.

"For three years since the ACF massacre, the Rajapaksa government has put on an elaborate song and dance to bedazzle the international community into believing justice is being done," said James Ross, legal and policy director at Human Rights Watch.

Instead, the government used the atrocity to threaten local rights groups, intimidate the victims' families, and score political points against the French government."

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  1. Thanks for this article. The Gadin Ram clearly idetifies the mentality of Sinhala State. They want to get every thing from the world to establish a Sinhala only state depriving the rights of tamils of the nation. They wants funds, weapons, aid, grants, development but they donot want to respect the rights of its own citizens other than Sinhalese. They are trying to hide everything within the circle of "LTTE terrorism" . What about the Sinhala state terrorism. In 1958,1977 & 1983 hundreds of tamils innocents were killed in Colombo. How may were arrested and charged in courts? Jaffan library was burnt by thugs brought by ministers. How many were charged and punished? Where was the law and order and justice system. Until 1983, They used the same tactics in the name of thugs but they replaced with Sinhala military with the emergence of LTTE.There was a war by Sinhala against tamils before the period of LTTE. There was descrimination. Every Sinhala leader accept the fact that there was descrimination against tamils when they come to power. The former Senior judge himself agreed that the Srilankan justice system cannot give the due justice to those tamils in the camp. It is not an internal matter. Over half of the tamil population left the country because of the Srilankan state terrorism. The war crimes committed by Srilankan state is much worse than the war crime committed by Sadam in Irag. Even Sadam gave access to International Community but here everything is declined. Journalists whether Sinhala or tamil who speak for humanity being either killed or dosappeared. International community should act swiftly. Why should IC fund or have trade with a nation which doesn't want to recognise your service? If they don't want to be part of international law & order let them have their own way of rule of law