Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sri Lanka is a Gulag Island

Unlawful imprisonment of 300 000 innocent Tamil civilians in the concentration camps is one of the reasons, why i think that Sri Lanka is a Gulag island
The concept of the gulag ever since Alexander Solzhenitsyn used it in his book “Gulag Archipelago” (1918 – 1956), has come to mean a particular system of repression imposed within a whole country which has some definite characteristics. These characteristics may be described thus:

1.The loss of the meaning of legality within a particular country.
2.A predominant position played by a security apparatus which can virtually do whatever function relating to life and liberty of citizens without being bound by any rules.
3.The emergence of a propaganda apparatus which is not bound by any rules relating to truth or falsehood; in fact, the meaning of any distinction between truth and falsehood disappears.
4.The emergence of a superman controller who manipulates all the three elements mentioned above in any way that he wishes.
5.A doomed citizenry who keep on believing that nothing has really changed while, in fact, everything has changed and who are unable to control their own destinies in any significant manner. One particular section of citizens may by suffering the worst at a particular time, but, in fact, the entire population of the country is affected more or less with the same degree of intensity but at different times.
The position on which this article is based is that Sri Lanka is now such a gulag. All the above mentioned characteristics are now quite prominently visible within Sri Lanka. However, a phantom limb complex still continues to exist. The people wish to believe that the old legal system and the social system are still intact despite of some unhappy new aspects that cannot be denied.


  1. Massive ethnic cleansing is occurring; the Human Rights Council should act for the Tamils

    UN Human Rights Council at its session in Geneva expressed concern about the situation in internment camps for 300 000 internally displaced persons in the north of Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lanka, the Government resisted any purview of accountability, and was still prosecuting the war against the Tamil people. The only remedy for the latter was to submit to ever-harsher oppression and abuse. The international community had not looked into the underlying causes of the Sinhala-Tamil war for many years. The people were in detention camps because they were Tamil, not because they were civilians. The whole issue of this war was because the Tamil people had sought their right to self-determination, among other rights, and the Government had refused them. Massive ethnic cleansing was occurring, and the Council should act for the Tamils.

  2. UN ratchets up criticism of Sri Lankan camps
    UN Security Council Calls for Appointment of Special Representative on Sexual Violence
    Rape has been used as a weapon of war in the Balkans, Burma and Sri Lanka.
    Opening Remarks on the Adoption of a UNSC Resolution to Combat Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict
    SRI LANKA: Concerns growing over pace of IDP resettlement
    Two testimonies from families released from Menik Camp
    Lanka rules out unregulated access to IDP camps
    Caesars,see saws and sandcastles
    Extension of GSP Plus status to be decided next month
    SRI LANKA: Mixed Hopes amid Unpredictable Weather Shifts

  3. I please to see such great links !!
    Thanks fellow Tamil.

    Right now, I’m researching the torture in Sri Lanka Government custody. I need the applicable SL torture links and relevant Human Rights Groups links

  4. The Sri Lanka (SL) Administration has been saying that it could not resettle 300 000 unlawfully held IDPs held in Vavuniyaa camps as their villages in Vanni region are not completely de-mined.

    At that same the SL Regime t is issuing statements to the effect that it has launched several development projects in Ki’linochchi, Mannaar, Jaffna and Vavuniyaa including restoration of electricity supply under the title “Northern Spring “(Vaddakkin Vasantham).

    How could the government launch development projects in areas which are still sown with mines? Hence the Sri Lanka government’s stand on resettlement is contradictory.

    There are some areas in Vanni infested with mines, but vast areas without them. The SL Administration can resettle large numbers IDP families in these mine-free areas.

    Mmmmmm… interesting???

    Why does the Sinhalese Government think everyone is stupid??

  5. Thamil

    The Sri-Lankan Govt and the Buddhist monks are involved in spreading myths. The myths of the Mahavamsa say that Sri Lanka belongs ONLY to the Sinhalese, and the text celebrates kings for slaughtering Tamils.

    We,the Tamils, are shocked by such peculiar claims.... The Sinhala language came into being in the past 1300 years. The mythology Mahavamsa which the Sinhalese claim to be their authority on their history was written in "Pali" not Sinhala. It was written in the 7th century. Even this mythology states that when Vijayan the alleged ancestor of the Sinhalese landed in the island there were already people in the island. These people are the ancestors of the Tamils who were the indigenous people of the island. Sinhalelese should top lying about Tamil people being invaders to the island. The Sinhalese identity is by their language which only evolved from Tamil, Sanskrit and Pali following the introduction of Buddhism to the island. The Sinhalese and the Tamils share 55% of the gene pool. It is only because of the adoption of a new religion the Sinhala language emerge and with it a separate identity. It is about time the Sinhalese wake up to this truth and stop spreading and believing the mythology known as Mahavamsa which claims the Sinhala race descended from the offspring’s of a union between a Lion and a woman. And that says it all :)

  6. The outside world should understand that the version of Buddhism practiced in Sri-Lanka promotes extremism and hatred. It is very similar to the Islamic extremism promoted by the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

    It is worth noting that S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike was assassinated by a Buddhist monk in 1959.

    “So long as Tamils feel abused by a racist Sinhalese state, the conflict may resume.”

  7. Sri Lankan should make public a list of all IDPs

    With the end of the government’s military campaign, Crisis Group urges that:
    The Sri Lankan government should make public a list all those being held in camps for the displaced and in places of detentions, to reassure worried families about the fate of their loved ones, to facilitate the reunification of divided families, and to protect against the threat of abduction and forced disappearance.
    The ICRC and UNHCR must be given full and immediate access to every stage of the government’s “screening” for those suspected of involvement with the LTTE. The ICRC should be granted full access to all places of detention to ensure that surrendered and captured combatants and other terrorist suspects are treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and Sri Lankan law. The Sri Lankan government should make public its plans for the demobilisation and rehabilitation of former LTTE fighters.
    The Sri Lankan government should remove all restrictions on the access and effective work of the ICRC, UN agencies and humanitarian NGOs in government camps for the displaced in Vavuniya, Mannar and Jaffna and in government hospitals and medical centres. Punitive restrictions on visas and on travel within Sri Lanka for international staff of humanitarian agencies must also be removed. Lack of access and the consequent reduction in services only compounds the already severe physical suffering and psychological hardships the displaced are enduring.
    The Sri Lankan government should announce a clear and prompt timetable for the resettlement of all those recently displaced from the Vanni. The government should also establish an open and inclusive process of consultation with independent Tamil and Muslim leaders to devise a fair and sustainable plan for the resettlement of all those displaced from the Northern Province, including the nearly 100,000 Muslims forcibly evicted from Jaffna and Mannar in 1990.
    The Sri Lankan government should make tangible and meaningful steps to assure Tamils, Muslims and other minorities that their rights will be respected and their equal citizenship and physical safety will be assured. The government should initiate a new and inclusive process of dialogue between legitimate and independent representatives of all ethnic communities in pursuit of a lasting political settlement that addresses the grievances and insecurities of all communities through constitutional guarantees of power-sharing and individual rights.

  8. EU Commission: Sri Lanka fails to meet Rights thresholds for GSP+
    National legislation of Sri Lanka incorporating international human rights conventions, in particular the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, is not being effectively implemented. In the light of these findings, the Commission will now consider whether a temporary withdrawal of some or all of Sri Lanka's GSP+ benefits is called for and make a suitable proposal to EU Member States in the Council. If such a proposal is made and subsequently adopted by the Council, it would enter into force six months after the date of adoption," the European Commission said in the notice summarizing the Commission's findings on the Sri Lanka's GSP+ status released today.

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    General decided to stay in official Army residence till he enters the President’s House
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    Jewels confiscated by the forces, will it reach the people?

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