Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sri Lanka State of Terror

The entry of ethno-nationalism and the religion as the platform for mass mobilization of racism majority Sinhalese have evolved now into an ethno extremist and religious fundamentalism power base of the current racist Sri Lanka Government. Sri Lanka, a failed state now spreads the culture of violence beyond the borders and thrives on the state sanctioned kidnappings, assassinations and a war mongering agenda against the minority Hindu Tamils. A paradise island home of serendipity is today a State of Terror which actively practicing ethnic cleansing on Hindu Tamil. International Community(IC) and Human Rights (HR) activists still pondering over the technicalities are yet to realize recognize and define a new kind of genocide. The Human Rights Watch has accused the Sri Lanka Army of shelling densely populated civilian areas in the final offensive against the rebels in May, has condemned the Sri Lanka President Malinda’s failure to investigate attacks on journalists and other civil society activists, and has said that 300,000 Tamil civilians have been interned indefinitely in what are, in effect, Guantanamo-like concentration camps.

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