Thursday, September 3, 2009


We are all united in our sadness of the situation of the 300 Hindu Tamils' though I would not call it upset. We should avoid being upset in order to be helpful. Scope of action depends on where we are and what actions are within our means and how effective we can be. Dependence on foreign government and IC (International Community) is useless except making use of contradictions among them because they are all pro establishment and pro status quo. We have to do what we can to mobilize the support of the peoples of the world, particularly the oppressed peoples, oppressed Nationalities against oppression and the support of the world Tamils against genocide on the positive side. On the negative side of hurting the GOSL while using it as a means of educating the people, Boycott of Sri Lanka should be promoted to the maximum. Oppression in any form anywhere should be resisted as this will weaken the oppressors including GOSL who are united, as this would weaken the chain of the enemy. No doubt we should promote the struggles against GOSL for higher wages and the like. These are all political campaigns and in order to do effectively, our political understanding/perspectives should be clear and realistic. Democracy and fairness are often misused as we do not relate them to the context. Equally the other concept of Equitability is misused. To start with we should recognize, nature is diverse and society is diverse and there are identifiable groups, the most fundamental and naturally evolved one being Nations. Equitability between Nations is equally important as equitability within Nations. While democracy is a good tool to achieve fairness and equitability WITHIN NATION, it is the worst tool for fairness or equitability BETWEEN NATIONS and in this case RECOGNIZING THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATIONS IS THE ONLY TOOL. In other words, Nations should be allowed to choose their future democratically ON THE BASIS OF SELF DETERMINATION, no Nation should be allowed to overlord other Nations. I do not care about countries as their maps were determined by imperialism and to hell with their sovereignty. AS RECOGNIZING THE RIGHT OF SELF DETERMINATION all what can or should be done is to recognize the right of (both) Nations. Self Determination and the let them democratically choose their future, separate, united, etc.

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  1. Boycott Sri Lanka:

    a.Sri Lanka Cricket
    b.Boycott Sri Lanka Airlines
    c.Boycott Tourism
    d.Food items that are imported by Sri Lankan Tamils and packed in Britain
    e.Garments made in Sri Lankan and sold in supermarkets such as Mark and Spencer and footwear including Bata
    f.Products made from rubber and coconut
    g.All forms of tea grown in Ceylon
    h.Medicinal products
    i.Fish, fish products and vegetables
    j.Sri Lanka purchasing bonds, treasury bills and shares in corporations
    k.Saving their earnings in Sri Lankan banks and other banks accounts